A brief history of the club

A brief history of the club

“Logan City Marine Modellers Inc” first evolved as a branch of the “Triple S Model Boat Group” known as the Waterford West Branch Model Boat Group, at Tygum Lagoon in 1993. A few of the members formed a new club away from the Triple S and moved to “Lakewood Estate” at Calamvale after the Lagoon had all but dried up and was getting near impossible to sail a model on. This new club then became known as “Lakewood Model Boat Club” on the 4th January 1994. On the 21st January 1994 the club became incorperated under the Associations Incorperations Act of 1991.

Over the next two years the club grew to just under 100 members and then in October 1996 the club moved back to Tygum Lagoon at Waterford West. This was because of the weed proplems and the lack of toilet facilities at the Lakewood Estate. Not all the members came back with the club and chose to stay at Calamvale. The club then changed its name and became known as the “Logan City Marine Modellers Inc” on the 7th November 1996 and has remained under that name since.

Some of the TV shows that the club was involved in were Totally Wild in 1993, Brisbane Extra in 1994 and Hooked on Water in 1998. The club has also exhibited models in 54 displays between 1993 and 2005 and has gained 13 certificates of Appreciation from various organisations in that time.


3 comments on “A brief history of the club

  1. Hi
    I am restoring a 1957 Graupner Condor1 built by my father.
    My intention is to fit RC and bring it down to your club to run it if ok.
    Could you please tell me a good hobby store to buy parts such as rudder assemblies. All the ones I have contacted on the southside so far don’t seem to be into boat parts too much.

    • well there is a few places. 1st there is a place on line called hobbyking click to see the page or u can go to the north side to hobbyrama but if u want at 4pm today is the start of our nightsail so come down and have a look and talk to the guys they are very helpfull. toy world at springwood are starting to stock more parts ( ask for Rolly in the rc section.

      posted by admin

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